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For Florida Peeps

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Hey all you florida peeps. What brand of films are ya'll using there? And are ya'll folks having film failure due to humidity? Much is appreciated.

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I would personally stick to Llumar, Global or Expell for brands. Metallized High Performance and Ceramics seem to hold up the best in that environment. That was my experience after installing in central and south fla for almost 20 years.


Humidity, heat and direct sun  was only an issue with the shops running the $99special. Those thin, cheap films would ripple and blurr in no time and were a bear to remove from the rear windows.


I would recommend a ceramic, , including the windshield for anyone living that far south.

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We have been using MADICO products since the 80s and never have issues with the film holding up here! We carry a metalized, a dye, and a nano-ceramic and all have the same integrity. Not to mention years down the line the removal of the films is superior compared to others. Unfortunately most of the removals I do are nightmares.. Did one last week that was basically melted to the glass. even though we were scraping it off it took all day. 

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