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Starting A PPF Business - Best Products To Start With?

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Hey Folks,


I'm starting up a mobile PPF business in the coming months and am looking for a little advice on the best products to start with and build around. I was thinking of starting with 3M clear bra, window tinting and ceramic coating. Any recommendations on the product to focus on and best product to use would be much appreciated. I do plan on getting a proper shop up and running in a year or so, but want to start as a mobile service.



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Not a Pro but just a enthusiast about all things cars.

Mobile Tints I can see as a feasible option


Have you considered subbing as a installer out of a shop. GOOD PPF is acquired skill IMO.

Same goes for coatings. You need to polish out all the defects before you crack open a coating bottle. The paint should be flawless before then...



Ceramic coating or PPF requires a roof under you if not a roof+ enclosed space.....



Some level of polishing to remove defects before install on both film and coating

CLEAN, ultra clean surfaces

Clean environment for install

Ceramic Coatings generally need to be indoors for at least 24 hrs during the cure (I'm well aware the 3M is a 4hr cure) but most car nerds/enthusiast on the market don't normally look for a **3M Coater**


Dust/Contaminants will always be a issue for the mobile environment.


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Thanks for the response!


Being mobile certainly has it's challenges, I plan on only installing in peoples garages or underground parking as outdoor installations seem like a terrible idea. I know that the prep work is of the utmost importance.


I do have experience with paint correction and detailing. I'm also going to do some free installs for people I know before putting my name out there to the public.


I'm going to check out a used Graphtec Cutting Pro FC5100-130 tonight, seems like a great machine. What do you guys think?



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That would be a decent first machine but you really don't need it aside from cutting trim pieces/door cups. If you're new and mobile, I would stay away from full bumpers.


Learn to do bulk installs and hand cutting first and the plotter will be a good assistant.


12" or 18" hood, fender, headlights, mirrors, cups/edges, A-pillars and luggage strips are the easiest installs to do mobile with the least amount of risk. 

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