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Fibers showing on back window..help!

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I just had my 2022 Kia K5 tinted with ceramic and I think they did an outstanding job on all of the side windows. I don't see any real bubbles or issues on any of the sides.


The back window is pretty decent as well, but I can see some fiber/hairs in 2-3 spots. Is this something I should just chaulk up to stuff that just happens, or should I ask installer to fix? I feel like for the price I paid (550$) it should not have fibers showing... but if that's a normal thing, than I'll just suck it up.


I just had it done yesterday, so I am hoping it will dry up/evaporate.. but from what I have read so far they are permanent. 


Thank you for taking time to read and you feedback is appreciated!




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