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Dissapointed customer

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Since this is a recent thread on topic, I might as well ask. it's 2022...... is plot cutting considered a superior method over freehand cutting these days, and hand cut only for specific instances   when given both options? Plot cut for a shop = productivity but does freehand still produce a better finished product (albeit you need a skilled man using a blade). I know a decade back+++while plots existed, the POV was the freehand was always superior. 


Lotsa shops I know if not even my tinter is using plots these das


I know the plot cuts have tolerance you can + material but on the last few plot tint jobs I've had installed, I don't see them shaving to the edge and then doing the file...

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I've used both and to be 100% honest I prefer the "by hand" method.  Unless it's a back glass of a car, I can cut a door glass by hand quicker (and more accurately) then it takes to load the film into the cutter, find your vehicle, cut it, weed it, etc.  I also do not put a knife onto the glass EVER.  A wax pencil is a tinters best friend. 


To the OP...there's nothing worse than taking your pride and joy to a business and having something like this happen.  I feel for you....and hope that they make it right.

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Off topic or on topic. Recently someone went to a reputable tint shop on his 130K plus new ride. The installer tinted it 3X. 1st redo and then a second redo. Between removal, or tinting or both....the leather door card (presuming not protected), it was so damaged *leather delam from card*, the shop owner ended up replacing the door card at $2300 for the new door card. I think MSRP was $2800


It's stories like these (cuts) or excessive slip, steam liquids, etc - kinda makes you weary sometimes on not the "shop" doing the work but ultimately the installer assigned to the task.


Even when f'ups happen and a repair is required (whether it be glass or upholstery), it's never the same as the same -stock- material that came on the car.




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I'm glad you got some partial satisfaction. You must be a better man than myself. I would have the shop coughing up the full value of replacement of everything damaged.


Thanks for the update👍

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