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Ceramic tint distortion question

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Hi, am a customer looking for knowledgeable feedback on a problem. We had ceramic tint by a very well reviewed local guy, he said “it’s guaranteed” yet the windshield film remains wavy/distorted after 3 months of giving it a chance to “cure”.  We just wanted heat rejection so it’s the lightest tint available, were told “no one will even realize it’s there.”  The distortion looks like the mirage effect like when it’s super hot on road.  But it’s all the time, whole window.  No issues with the darker side tints.


We reached out to him asking what could 

be done and were surprised to hear resistance in his voice, he said he’d call the company to see if they would reimburse him.  

It’s been almost a month and we’re about to reach out again and I was wondering what is normal in such a case.  I feel bad for the burden on him because his work was great, it’s not his fault the roll is defective (it is right? People aren’t driving around happily with distorted views?) but on the flip side, seems someone running a business should consider the occasional unexpected loss and adjust his rates accordingly so all customers can be satisfied, and not hide when something goes wrong?


Should we be forceful that he replace it at no additional charge?



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Could very well be the windshield itself is distorted.  Could be the film accentuates the glass.  


I've seen windshields that I couldn't believe how bad the wavy look was.  I see a little on most of them if I look. 


Go back and talk to them.  If they do remove and refund then you look closely and actually find the glass is bad please compensate the shop....

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22 hours ago, Ryker said:

Could very well be the windshield itself is distorted. 


I had my 2015 Jeep windshield replaced in 2019 after it cracked due to snow sliding off the roof onto the hot sun-exposed glass, when coming to a stop.


The new one has mild wavy distortion on one side that you have to look to see at certain angles. I don't have tint on my windshield and it took awhile before I caught a glimpse of the area. That's when I looked over the entire sheet. For me, it's a no bother situ, as in not distractive enough to impact driving.


Feedback is simply to add credibility to the above quote (not that he needs it) and as tinters, we see this more often than one would think.

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On 7/4/2022 at 4:48 PM, Onequestionabouttint said:

This is our first tinting experience, it’s a 2014 Toyota Sienna, so, have been looking out this bare windshield for 8 years with no distortion issues.  Is it possible for a windshield to have no visible distortion before tint, and for tint to suddenly bring it out?

You would be amazed how often we will here "that wasn't there" and it really means that the customer never noticed it.   


Not saying you don't have a distorted tint or that you do have a distorted windshield,  I'm just saying you might not have noticed it before.  


Also the tint is a 1.5 to 2 mil thick film and it could exaggerate what is there...

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Adding contrast by adding film can bring out some of the glass distortion. Not all glass is created equal, even from the same manufacturer and on the same models. Variations are a given on anything thats mass produced.

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