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Electronic Malfunction From Tint?

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Hi tinters,

Completed a C300 Benz 2022 model a month ago and customer is saying that there was malfunctioning buttons for the boot, tail light and petrol lid. They're saying that the guys at MB said it was due to the use of water during the tint install that dripped and caused corrosion that messed up the electronics.

Never had an issue using my soap water combo to clean and install, until now. Cars are featured with drain holes, wires are covered/proofed and so on, am I missing something here?


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There are many vehicles that I pass on because Water and electronics don't mix.  When we tint windows we use water that gets in places and on electronics that it really shouldn't. Sometimes this causes issues. It is a risk we both take(installer and customer).  Usually there are no issues and everything is just fine.  In some cases there are slight issues that go away. In that short period of time it did not cause corrosion.  It might have messed up something due to the water shorting something out.  A lot of times it goes back to working fine after it dries completely.  

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With about all of the euro cars I pull back the liner in the trunk space and pack towels over all the electronic stuff that I can find. Sometimes I'll watch a video of the rear deck removal to see what else might be in there before I start.

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