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Want "fishbowl" look for my classic BMW - thinking CR90 all around incl windshield - other options? - Atlanta area

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I want it to look as original "not-tinted" as possible. But it's a blk/blk older bmw that lives in Atlanta.

Don't want it to look "tinted" and don't want it to look "blue" (or brown)

Best choice Crystalline 90? all around incl windshield?

Installer recommendations?

Thanks in advance!



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Welcome to the forum.  Nice car.  :thumb  


My question would be what are you trying to achieve out of tinting your vehicle in 90% all the way around? 
Are you looking for protection for the interior?  Heat rejection for comfort?  

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Hi and thank you!

YES to all -- protect the dash and interior and cut down on heat, too 

But I understand the trade off and that 70 on the sides would be far more effective (right?!?) for heat rejection - but the cr70 I have seen does look "tinted" which is the look I don't want and that is the #1 priority
Open to opinions!

Thanks Again


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Your are contradicting yourself with what you want.  You can't have it both ways.  


The simple explanation is "clear in ineffective and does not perform".  All film protects from the UV that damages plastics, some better than others (i.e. the film will last longer after install).  Clear is not gonna toomuch at all for the heat part, no matter how good they say it is. There is more to the spectrum than just UV an IR.  The visible light part of the spectrum also creates heat and the only way to stop that is by shade.  


In my opinion you would need to go with at least a 70% to get any kind of heat performance and it will still be minimal.  It would be a waste of money to wrap the car in 90% and expect anything other than some minimal plastic protection.  The visible light part of the spectrum will also cause damage there and 90% will do nothing to stop it.  

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@Bham is on point. Excellent advice and practical theory. Final color will be your only concern.


If you plan to only do it once, gather a few 5" samples, interview the shop(s), look at their work and set the expected outcome snd pricing with the installer. Once you get home lay the film with a drop soap and water on your front door glass to gawk at it a while to like or dislike the color. 

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Thurd graid gramhar...
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1 hour ago, dcf_atl said:

Understand more now -- thanks -- thoughts ? recommendations?

I don't think you'll be happy with a 50% given you do not want it to look tinted.


If that untinted look tops your priority list, you want something  in the CR70, CR80, or CR90 range, with CR 70 having a slight tint look to the glass (and bluer than the 80 or 90).


I'm going to attach a file showing all the Crystalline performance values; may be it'll help in choosing.



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