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Heat gun advice

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I've been using the porter cable heat guns for years. They have a manual dial on the side for heat and rubber bumpers. I seem to get at least a few years out of em unless I run one over. Flow and heat are about average. I hope to never use another plastic body wagner. The next step up seems to only be the plumbers guns that are heavy as sin.

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The Porter Cable - now Craftsman ones are my favorite for the money.  
If you want to spend some money on a higher end one, look into Steinel heat guns. The are the Cadillac of heat guns.  Super light and work really well, I just won’t spend that much on a heat gun. 

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A couple of things I want to say after being on the Crapsman gun this morning.  


Every since Crapsman took over from Porter Cable, the quality has gone done as far as longevity.  They just don't last like the gray Porter Cable ones did.  Get the warranty at the store, you will need it.  


The other thing I do like about this gun is the fact the heat doesn't change when you lower the fan speed.  The amount of heat is controlled by the dial and you can lower the fan speed and still have lots of heat, where the others lower the temperature when you turn them down.   

Just my :twocents   :beer  

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