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What is the best quality tint on the market currently? Llumar Formula one stratos? Autobahn i3? 3m? Xpel?

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I am looking for the best automotive tint money can buy. At first I thought it was between 3m crystalline and Xpel Prime XR Plus.

Then I discovered Llumar Formula one stratos which apparently no one in my area (Houston) installs because it's too expensive for them to buy. Best I can find around here is Llumar formula one Pinnacle.

Then someone recommended Autobahn i3 to me.


I'm looking for best heat reduction, blocking of skin cancer causing rays, best visual clarity, longterm life, etc.

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All of the films you mentioned will likely out live the usefulness of the vehicle you're installing it on. I recommend visiting the local install shops and requesting a film sample to find the color/shade you prefer. Take a look at some of the finished work while you're there.

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