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tint brand opinions , ASWF

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I tried it a few years ago and would never use it in a professional setting. Wasn't impressed with how it handled or the overall look after installation. The scratch coat was so weak that I could hardly push it without scaring. :twocents


With that said I've been on Global products almost exclusively for the last four or five years because of the tough top coating and have had zero product failures for any reason to date. My earliest Global install was over a decade ago, still with no failures. FWIW I use only the HP and Ceramics in their lineup.

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I used a bit of ASWF flat glass film for a few years.  Did one vehicle for my mom in the HP style film.  I didn't love the auto film color or feel but it did hold up well. 


I know they were having issues with film claims years ago. 


I have used Global HP for my auto for almost 15 years now and wouldn't dream of changing. 


Zero film failure including no color change even. 

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