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Film sticking on Install.

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Ive had this issue since I started tinting and being self taught makes it tough when you dont know how to remedy an issue. 


When Im installing my tint always seems to stick in place and I have to fight it. This is when Im trying to lay the front corner in and down to set the back

(I bottom load)  it like hits the window and stick. Have to fight it to where it releases and I can slide it around. 


Ive tried more slip. Soaking window and glass. Less slip and less water. Less slip make it horrible It does it to me on back windows too. I get it like 3 inches from bottom and layed out. Then have to fight it to slide down to bottom.


Once it get it finally laid out. I can get it to slide around okay and get it lined up to squeegee. This is just initially getting it onto place


Ive used enough slip that the film when installed and initial squeegee it will start to sag down from top edge. 


What am I doing wrong? I see videos of guys with minimal water and slip set film and slide it where they want with no trouble. Hell some look like they are using straight water. I actually see suds when I spray to install. Am I pressing too hard or what can I do to be better?


Im using express classic black, Global QDP, and Global ceramic. Im using Tint slime. Ive tried TS green and orang, also baby soap and Dawn. Doesnt make a difference. 


I can still install without any issues but its always a fight initially getting the film on window and set it place before final lining up and just wanted to ask you experts what Im doing wrong. 


Thank you for any advice you could give me. Its one of the last things I struggle with. 

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Try using two bottles. One with more soap to soak the bottom of the film and bottom of the glass. Yes, use minimal pressure until the film is close to the right place. Also make sure the glass is cool. You might try an early morning install before the humidity picks up. Late day installs are always stickier. If you see the water beading off the glass instead of staying soapy, it's going to be difficult anyway. Some glass cleaners have ceramic suspended in them and will cause the water to bead off. I'm a fan of #3 steel wool during the cleaning. Helps to break some of the coatings and removes corrosion off the defroster lines. Wipe and rince really well to collect any loose fibers from the wool. Good luck.

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If it's the sides try putting some raw soap on the rubber seals with the windows down before you prep.


I use a micro fibre towel wrapped hard triangle card to scrub first then wet+add raw soap on the rubber before rolling up to prep. This will help limit handling creases as well.

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I can get the film to lay down and slide into seals. Its when I initially stick the front to slide down to lay down the rear. It fights me. Once I get it layed flat I can move back and forth to set it behind seals. 


Im watching guys in videos just set it and slide it straight in and where they want. No trouble. No extra steps, etc. 


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If it's sticking where your fingers are then I think you're putting too much pressure on the film. Also push out on the glass when flushing before install.


Please take my advice and soap the seals. That alone will speed up your learning curve.

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