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In search of "the perfect" tinter around the tri state NY area

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To be 100% honest...I'm not sure if there is such thing as a "perfect" install.  Just think about it for a couple seconds...we are installing a wet, sticky sticker.  There is dust hiding everywhere...in the seats, in the headliner, in the air.  Good luck.  I sure as hell feel bad for the shop you choose to do business with, though.  

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This guy sounds like an absolute d-bag. The only customers I dread seeing more are the used bmw/audi crowd. I always price them sky high and pre paid before service. Almost never worth the effort. There's something about a bmw buyers disposition that wants to be holier than thou. 

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With some of the responses I see in this thread I get a feeling youre not very good tinters to begin with.   


Correct, its a BMW but not a used one. Even if it were used what would be the difference?  You guys are the same clows that suck the c0ck of every lambo owner that comes running into your shop. 


Im glad you wouldnt want to tint my car... I wouldnt let you within ten feet near it.  No where in my post did I state that I wanted to pay a certain price.  Ill pay top dollar for top quality work.. I just like quality control.  Im not going to spend money on a crappy tint job with air or dust bubbles all over my tint.  


Typical "I wanna make $2500 a day cash but offer you shotty work" attitude.  


Keep up the great work ethic.. when your mom kicks you out of her garage or the landlord evicts you for non payment , you can always turn to Uber eats for a job! 


edi: someone above mentioned making BMW owners prepaying for tint.  Why would someone pay upfront for a tint job just so you can do whatever botched job since you got paid already? Let’s get serious bro!  

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