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Huper Optik Installer in Michigan

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I'm looking to get my new car tinted with Huper Optik Ceramic in Oakland County, Michigan, but am having a hard time finding a tint shop that carries this awesome tint.


About 10 years ago I had Huper Optik Ceramic 50% applied to my sedan and SolarGuard 75% on my windshield and I love the look because it makes it look so classy, especially with the silver trim that's around my window.  I love how the percentage tint always seems to be shifting, depending on the weather.  For example, in the summer time when it's 100 degrees it barely looks like there's anything on and in fall/winter it looks a lot darker, like 20%, it always seems to be shifting in darkness.  Also, I like how reflective it is.


I'd love to get Huper Optik Ceramic installed again but it doesn't seem like a lot of shops carry it.


In the last 10 years is there a better new ceramic tint then HO? I'm not interested in "dark" black tint. I'd like to get either HO 40% on the windows and HO 30% on back and Solarguard 75% on windshield.

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