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Buying EWF Ceramic Tint for One Car Instead of a 100-foot Roll. Where best place to go?

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I need 24" x 15 feet and 30" x 5 feet  35% ceramic Express film to tint my Toyota Prius (yes, I made the mistake of buying "Intersolar" ceramic tint at a very good price and now learning that was a mistake, most likely).

Any ideas on where to go get this quantity instead of a 100' roll? Please contact me at k.alexander@email.com for any help, advice, etc you can offer.

Many thanks!

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Hey, highplains:


Many thanks for taking the time to respond to my question. Your recommendation makes perfect sense (worst they can say is "no" and only took a minute of my mine) and I'll give that a try.


Frankly feeling a little stupid didn't think to do this myself 🤔 ... Sometimes when you're too close to the problem hard to see the most straightforward solution (or at least one that could easily resolve it). 

Best regards,


p.s. Only looked through the forum a little and found several positive comments about owner/manager of EFW, so odds seem good I can work something out!

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