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Quick Poll on Tinting Job... What would you do if this was your car?

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Would would be a reasonable request from the shop that installed this tint on my car? I provided a 35% ceramic tint ($75 cost, so low end) and just needed the installation completed for a car I plan to sell in the near future.


We agreed if bubbles, fading, etc. appeared a several weeks from now or any point down the road they wouldn't be responsible because it was tint I purchased and they couldn't warranty a product they didn't sell (completely understandable, no worries).

It was cloudy outside so I didn't catch everything, but I saw enough tint that was put over adhesive that hadn't been completely removed (I took off 99% of the prior tint, which was disclosed so they knew it needed a little higher than average amount of clean/prep work; clearly they didn't do it). He agreed to redo three of the four side windows, though after looking more closely the next day all four need to be redone.

So in addition to being out the $200 for the install (he insisted on payment upfront, I needed the work completed that day so I agreed), I'm out $75 for cost of tint, two of the windows had razor cuts near the center (what was a razor doing in the middle to begin with?), and the rubber trim around the windows cut in multiple places.


After seeing the magnitude of this clusterf*ck tint job, I'm not letting them "redo" the job and give more opportunity to do additional damage to my vehicle.


I haven't checked how hard/easy it is to fix these window razor scratches and am unsure of a quick fix for razor cuts to the trim. 

Thinking of just going to another shop with a strong rep, have them redo it, pay to have the damaged trim replaced, and take him to Court, but would rather avoid the hassle (though I've filed Complaints in Court before - won and collected - with unrelated car issues before).


What would you do?








_20220807_202853 B.JPG



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9 hours ago, JohnGalt said:

Would would be a reasonable request from the shop that installed this tint on my car?


That they throw their tools away and never try to tint another car...ever.



9 hours ago, JohnGalt said:

What would you do?


That's a tough call. Def do not let them touch it again.


And it's unusual to pay for the film and installation separately unless you bought your own film, and that's never a good idea. Find a reputable shop and let them instal their film.


That huge scratch in pic #6 probably wasn't them. Everything else tho is pretty much FUBAR. All that rubber trim is jacked up and is not repairable as far as I know.



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@JohnGalt I see from your other posts that you are looking for more film. I'm assuming it's for the redo on the bad tint job you got previously. I'd suggest not buying your own film and paying someone to install it. That invites several issues. 


Just find a good shop and let them use their film. They will be able to do a better job because they are used to handing that film and they will be able to warranty the work. If they mess up a piece of their own film, they can just cut another, but if they are using your film, then there is no margin for error.

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The sad part is you probably could have found a shop that has a Ceramic option for under $300 with warranty. Never buy film online, it is going to be cheap quality film and might not even be a Ceramic. Even if it is Ceramic, that doesn't mean it is a cheap film, many will turn purple in a year in the right climate. Any name brand options online are going to be fake knockoffs since the bigger brands do not allow online sales. I think the only exception is Express window films which is decent. However, much easier just to get everything from a shop.

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8 hours ago, Tintguy1980 said:

You can come to my shop and bring your own film, the charge would be as follows:


1. I install your net-bought film = $300, no warranties.


2. I install film I bought as a professional = $300, all warranties apply.

How far from Atlanta? I'll go with option 2, thank you.

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