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Tint Dudes - What's your preferred Tint Darkness

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Dare I ask for the fellow pro's, do you guys for your own rides have a personal preference on tint.

Or you're just a -LIMO- type of guy


I always second guess myself.

For example, new ride, did 70% on the windshield and the Fronts at 30.


I think I'm going to have the 70% removed, 55% the windshield and see how that looks from both the windshield and then how much it may darken the front's afterwards...I did not want to do 20% in the fronts , but in the daytime, it's a bit too light. Granted all different variables like interior color, angle of the sun, some tint is more reflective in color tone than others, etc.


I wish I could just -spec- it right the 1st time. But sometimes, like today,  I'm switching it up 1 notch darker.

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My daily is 20 on the fronts, 35 over factory in the rear, 80 on the 'shield with a 5 brow. Wife's ride has 35 on the fronts, 20 over factory in the rear with 80 on the shield with 5 brow as well. My nice/weekend/going out car has 35 all around and nothing on the shield. Edited to add, they're all done in ceramic all the way around minus the brows.

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I've never done the windshield until this year. Most/all have been 3 year flips. The last one maybe the last ICE car with a non -all out touchscreen with no buttons- console. The market in 2 years may be all touch. Yuck.


So I tinted the WS to protect the leather dash. Or at least try to minimize the heat when parked street side.

Regardless, heat soak is heat soak. The sunshade is still -quite hot- with 70 ceramic on it


I do notice the difference when driving though. Not in glare...but in overall less heat on the dash on hot days

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The biggest difference with w/s or not, is the eye fatigue after driving long distance. I have a bunch of folks bring in cars as soon as it gets replaced and don't want to be without it. From oilfield workers to little old ladies especially now that ceramic has gained awareness.

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I've been doing 40% on all my side windows and the front windshield with 20% on the rear window to cut down on headlight glare. 40% is a little light for me but only legal option in Crystalline for GA. I do the windshield darker to help offset the lightness on the sides. I think my next tint job will be not be CR, so thinking 35% windshield, 25% sides, and 15% rear window. I want to be in the middle of legal and privacy. Hopefully that won't attract the police.

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40 front sides, 35 rear sides and back, if I didn't have factory solar control glass. No windshield; been there, done that, and not looking to do the task of R & R on any car.


I have a black interior, including dash. Hot as f**k sitting in the sun. Bought a beige dash mat and the temp off the dash dropped dramatically.


Illegal? Not so much a worry involving enforcement, however, insurance accident investigations can leave you paying the tab on all involved.



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I was cleaning the cars, doing a dash wipedown. Between the leather, the slope before it meets the WS glass, and knowing there is going to electronics under the dash, I am second guessing the R&R from 70 to some thinking darker....I'm sure it can be done, but there is the -potential- for water damage on the dash or electronics, and or scraping, and potential leather damage right (presuming installers is super careful already beforehand). Maybe the risk is not worth it....


I realize what the issue is. Previous car had comfort windshield . So while the 70% ceramic blocks more, there is a slight noticeable difference in glare with the previous WS as a datapoint, versus the almost clear ceramic film.

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