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Question on tint

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Hi everyone, 


Just had two windows done on my brand new truck. It's from a shop I use constantly and they always do fantastic work. They use Global qdp and it has always performed well, zero issues.


The windows are beautiful (typical flaws upon close inspection) except for one spot on the driver window. It's right in the center of my view looking at the mirror. Would you wait to see if this goes away or just go back to the shop. It's small, looks like a tiny piece of yellow sponge. Let me know if I should go back or maybe I will eventually just not notice it. 


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55 minutes ago, Ryker said:

That isn't going away.  By your description I would go back.  Nicely ask them to look at it.  They should redo that. 

Thanks,  I just reached out to them and this shop is awesome.  Owner actually came to my work and took a look at the window.  He said he will replace it this week.  They really are a phenomenal shop, I just wanted to be sure that I do not damage any relationship I have with them as I would like to use them on all my vehicles moving forward.  Have a great day

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I swear these post about install should not allowed. There useless as the customers know they arent happy and only the shop can fix the issue. 

I never saw these post nearly as much back in the day. That because the first reply always was, “Call the shop”. 

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