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Acceptable Amount of Contamination in Fresh Tint

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Hi Guys,


I recently got my car tinted last week (SunTek Ceramic) and have left it outside and windows up as per care instructions, and a fair few of the bubbles are not dissapearing, i've had a closer look and it looks like pieces of dirt are stuck between the tint and the window glass. I understand there's going to be a handful of contamination due to unfortunate circumstances in the process of tinting but is this too many because I don't want to be that "guy" that's too harsh on his expectations.

Visible Specs


Drivers Side Front Window: 15+

Driver side Rear Window: 15+


Passenger Side Rear Window: 15+

Passenger Side Front Window: 15+


Boot 30+















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21 hours ago, TintDude said:

It definitely could be better, but I've seen a lot worse. 


I'd let the shop know you have some concerns and take it from there.


Yeah i've seen worse aswell but not on my personal vehicles thankfully, I'll reach out to shop and see what they can do, just kind of bummed about it as they have really good reviews and what not

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19 hours ago, pbalentine said:

All the effort of a post and you could of contacted the shop?? Just call the shop as they are the only ones that can help. 

I didn't want to go back with un-realistic expectations, hence why I was asking here as you guys are the pro's and do this day in day out, i'm just a car enthusiast who appreciates nice cars and looks after his own.

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