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Graphtec fc9000 training in San Antonio tx

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I'm new here & chances are I'm probably doing this wrong. I purchased a new graphtec fc9000 160 & received it a couple months ago. I have never used a plotter so I'm wondering if anyone might know someone located in san Antonio texas that is familiar with the plotter and willing to make some money showing me the basics? It was such a big expense for it to remain boxed up on the floor.

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Try to find a local sign shop and ask. Tint shops may see you as a 'competitor' and not be open to helping. Your film distributor might be able to help as well.


My best advice would be to use Clean Cut blades (keep a few backups) and have a few replacement cutting strips on hand from Amazon to get you over the learning curve. The machines are pretty basic and haven't changed much over the last 20yrs. Any graphtech model you learn on will be about the same.

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