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Low Angle Haze (aka LAH)

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I was at a local outpatient surgical place and spied low angle haze in the front windows around 9:30am.


The first picture is taken inside the waiting room facing SE.


The second picture is at the other end of the waiting room facing SSW.


And, the third picture is capturing two end panes, one with serious haze, the other not so much.


Here's the quiz:


1. What film is on the glass?


2. Why is the one pane of the two pane picture more hazy than the one to its right?






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Sorry to HiJack this thread but since the subject title is appropriate, what is the -best/correct- film to use if one is to tint a windshield these days. In the other thread, it seems to be that most high performance films will show LAH.  Is metallic film the correct material to use - my previous car with Film in the Laminate (presume metallic) never has exhibited LAH

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I believe I may end up removing the WS tint. However, I'm the one that does wash it 🤔

So I know how clean things are - which is on the OCD detailing regimene...

So I know the interior is clean, any (off gassing) etc that is on your interior glass is clean, etc....


Anyhow, the LAH is annoying. 

Clean interior WS. Standard Residual dirt on the exterior just from driving.

Wiper clean the windows.

Looking out the front, it is not optically clear but there are splotches looking out.

While it's not a pattern like I would see wearing polarized glasses and seeing the rainbowsish diamond pattern, the -milky- glass like Tintguy980 posted is quite annoying


BTW, in winter, when sometimes things are uber bright snow to -white snow everywhere-, does LAH appear different  even when the sun is at a higher angle. Just wondering I suppose

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