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Flat Glass Window film business

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I am just getting my feet wet with installing flat glass. I am looking for some advice. 

1. Looking for training in the north east mid Atlantic. 
2. what films are the best to start with. Especially with being a dealer with some brands may not be an option.

3. Iam Starting from scratch looking to turn something Iam really just an enthusiast in , to a professional business. Other then establishing the business as a entity my focus is on the training and practice. Any insite would be helpful.  
4. And as I do more and more research on flat glass, I am realizing how all the different types of glass call for different types of film. Which seem endless. 

thanks for reading  any help would be  appreciated 

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I'll give my thoughts on #4...  I don't really have anything to offer on the others.


Generally speaking, at least in my area, there are only a couple different types of glass used in either homes or offices. So that helps keep the possibilities to just a few. Then in terms of films... while there are a wide range of shades and colors, you're pretty much only going to want to offer a couple choices to customers. Hear their needs, you pick out a few that would match what they need, and steer them to the best film. 


If you give people too many options, they aren't going to be able to make a choice, and there is really no need for you to stock a hundred different films. As you learn your market, people generally have the same goals in mind with what they need to do. As a professional, you direct them to the best solution. 





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