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Dealer app denied

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On 10/18/2022 at 12:05 PM, DynamicATL said:

Llumar and Xpel dealers have territory, so you may be too close to them. Suntek usually doesn't care but maybe they do now. As suggested, Express/Global will be a good option. Starting out, you will want quality that does not cost a lot which those are perfect for that.

So I was technically a Suntek dealer years ago but they've changed things and at this point unless I wanted to get some sort of actual license I think and really wanted a minimal sales/ film purchases for the year.  I've been in this game and nothing but tent for 24 years next month and never needed to have anything like a business license here in Illinois. I've been a Llumar dealer and a Suntek dealer both....

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2 hours ago, LB55 said:

Give Ⓜ️ Madico a try. Everything is made in Florida and the only film manufacturer that makes their own tint , PPF and Windshield protection film !

Become A Madico Dealer


So what of this list does Garware, Global,  not make?  You know Madico doesn't make poly? 

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