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What is the consequence for the tinter and the shop for installing illegal film ?


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This is a good read: https://www.tintdude.com/forums/topic/34640-reasons-to-keep-it-legal/


The legal consequences for being caught installing illegally vary from state to state and even city to city.


I personally know a shop owner that was fined 50k in So Cal. 


There could also be liability issues. For example, you tint a car beyond legal limits and that car gets into an accident and the cause could be attributed to the dark tint, the victims could go after you as well for damages.

Also the insurance companies can deny any claim based on illegally modified vehicles.


Another consequence is the the laws get worse or tint outright banned in some locals because of the abuse.


Aside from all of these reasons is your conscience. You have to be able to live with yourself knowing you are causing safety issues just to make a buck.




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