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Factory ,offering window tint ,no bubble no hazy or fading

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Hi everyone,This is Windsor from Shanghai Radix Vacuum Metallising Co.,Ltd.
We are a leading window film manufacturer located in Shanghai China.
Why choose us?
1. Best quality optical material,and advance hard coating technic

2. High coating technology skills(18 years of miro coating), business partner of World Top 500 Enterprises

3. My IR films are 2 ply, not easy to fadin or peel off. 

4. China First and only manufacturer to use Titanium Nitride(TiN) material in window film field,makes real constant color,

5. Radix added 28 nano particle, while others are still using 50 or 100 nano particles, makes film more vague and hazy.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at any time

With best wishes

Shanghai Radix Vacuum Metallising Co.,Ltd
No.1288,Songying Road, Qingpu Dist, Shanghai China
Tel:+86 021 59868211;Fax:+86 021 59868255
Wechat/Whatsapp: +86 18616816128

Tesla-Radix  tint and PPF8_副本.jpg

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