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Best ceramic film

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I’m new to the site and wanted to reach out and get some pointers, thanks in advance! 
Im just getting started with tinting. I’ve already got some tint that just come in it’s Flexfilm and after I had already bought it I started reading the reviews which I should have done before! I’ll be tinting very few cars here and there mostly be doing heavy equipment, tractors etc. could someone point me in the right direction with which brands are best. I know people use suntek and 3M around where I live maybe looking to use something different. 

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In retirement, one can speak their mind without bias; Global, FormulaOne, Huper Optik, LLumar, Solar Gard, Madico/Winco are names thrown around more than most other. I believe you'll find Global to be your best value, meaning a reputable quality product, for long term life and use, at a reasonable price compared to other well known names. (Edit: 3M, as well)


Contract names (those that have a film made by someone else and attach their name to it for sale) such as FlexFilm, Rayno, Sun-X, Geoshield, anything from China, etc. are likely more palatable to your budget, however, they may lack an equivalent quality found in the six listed above.


There are also many converters who must buy components from others and do the final stage of laminating, adding adhesive and liner ... then off to boxing. Names that come to mind are Johnson, MaxPro, or ASWF on a short list. To my knowledge, Johnson is the oldest/reputable converter in the industry.


Express Films and SolarFX, I am not sure of their background, that said, these two are also very popular as bargain films leading to satisfied buyers.

My opinion FWIW.

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10 hours ago, America Film Inc said:

I can send you some samples of my ceramic films to try.  It is very cost-effective and easy to install.  We also provide a lifetime warranty.  Samples will be free of charge.  If you're interested, please feel free to contact me via email, sales@americafilminc.com

Looking forward to hearing from you.



You might want to become a sponsor of your going to be basically spamming....

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2 hours ago, America Film Inc said:

I am not here to spam anything or anyone but try to introduce my products.  We are new to the market but have built up firm relationships with quite a few customers in several states.  That's all.

Commenting on as many threads as you have in the short time is pretty spam like... but it's not my website...

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Oh I see.  As I said, I'm not a big boy in this industry and that's a reason why I try to market the products as many ways as I can.  I've been told that joining forums is one of the best options to advertise the products.  I understand your concerns but I am not spamming or anything like that.  If you're interested in trying our products, I will send samples for you to try.  Let me know.

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