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Best company to buy film when starting windows tint business

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You should really get some experience under your belt before just opening a tint shop.


This is a difficult trade and good tinters rarely make good businessmen and visa versa. There's a lot to learn about this trade and you don't want to be learning on customers' cars as you can do plenty of damage as you go.


I'd suggest getting a job as a helper in a tint shop and develop your skills for a long while before even thinking about going out on your own. Just my opinion.

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Well, if you are determined, the best way to start is buy some inexpensive film to practice with. Tint your own car, your friends and family etc and get an idea what it's like. Maybe you'll have a knack for it, and practice more until you are confident enough to start charging. Maybe you wont have a knack for it and tear up some cars along the way and realized you dodged a bullet.

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Hello, Sir

I am JW Choi from Mirae Solaire, best window tinting film maker in S.Korea.

We have a variety selection of window films, both for vehicle & commercial.

From glue, dyed, safety and to ceramic, we can supply high quality products.

If you want to know more about us, please feel free to contact me.




Best Regards

JW Choi

Edited by JW Choi
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