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Could cheap film cause fingers when trying to shrink ?

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Everytime I try to shrink side and back windows these small fingers pop up on the side and the bottom of the window. 
I’m not sure if it is because I’m over shrinking or is it just due to the fact that the film I am using is cheap ? Rock Rose tint film from Amazon 


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Those type of fingers are caused by improper lay-out, prep and improper installation.  You can't work fingers on the sides of the film.  You can't shrink fingers on the sides of the film.  During lay-out, all fingers must be moved to the bottom of the window and shrunk there.  Attempting to install a window that had been laid out with fingers on the side will result in fingers on the side after install.  Shrinking side fingers after install also does not work.  


You need to improve your lay-out/cut skills and pay attention to where the fingers are during that process.  Move all side fingers to the bottom, shrink bottom fingers if necessary ( i.e. - snap the film ) and then install it exactly the same way you laid it out.  If you are still getting these side fingers after improving your install, then you are cutting patterns to big or going to far into the side seal area and are probably going past the glass.   


Proper lay-out, placement and install patterns are important.  

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