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Tint Questions on 21 Mercedes GLS

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I am in Houston and recently acquired a 21 GLS 450.  I want to tint the 2 front doors.  I would like to go ceramic (Every other vehicle I have owned previously has had traditional dye film).  For various reasons I am planning on going 35%-40%.  I would like the general color of the film to go with the factory privacy film (gray/black). 


My guy that I have used for 20+ years uses Ceramikool (solar control I believe).  Some things I have read is that this has a bit of a green color to it and I am concerned this will not look right on a dark gray vehicle with black interior and black privacy glass everywhere else.  I have seen pics of it installed in 70% and it def gives a bit of an olive color.  Maybe that is just in such a light shade, but it is the only picture I have found of the film installed.  It doesn't seem to be common when I have searched. 


I have considered 3M Crystalline, but I have read that it can have an off color, but haven't found consistent answers on this.  I am also disappointed that the shops I have called for quotes all try to push me to a cheaper line and won't give me a quote until I ask multiple times.  I this may also be why some of the quotes I am getting are double the other ceramic film quotes they have given me.  Is the 3m harder to install and they are just trying to avoid it?


I got a quote today for Autobahn that seemed reasonable.  They told me it is only 35% or darker and they it isn't made lighter.  Later in the conversation they were trying to sell me on tinting the windshield in a much lighter shade of the same film (that isn't made lighter than 35%???).  This is a known shop for ppf, tint, detailing, etc.  I had always heard they were reputable.  When looking at Autobahns website they have 3 lines of ceramic none of which come in 35%.  Is Autbahn a good quality tint?  


In my research I have found quite a bit of good info here and was hoping for some help or guidance.  Are there other films I should be considering?  Any suggestions of installers that are reputable and carry quality tint films?  Are there considerations I am missing?



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