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Global films vs Xpel

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Hi, I am shopping around for window tints for my tesla model 3 and so far the two best prices are $850 for xpel on all 4 windows and both windshields, or $650 for the same thing but with global films. Both have great reviews and a lot of experience with tesla tints (I heard they are harder to install yet i’m not sure if thats true or not). I’ve been browsing a couple threads and people have no issues with global films but not really raving about it at all. However, for some reason the tesla threads seem to all recommend xpel. I was wondering if xpel is really worth the extra $200? It is also a bit of a lengthier drive which I dont mind either if xpel is really that much better. 


Edit: also, if you guys have any suggestions for more affordable ceramic tint installers in socal who can install them on teslas feel free to let me know below as well. 

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