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Any product comparable to 3M Prestige PR-70 that is available for the end-user to purchase?

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Looking at getting solar window film installed on some of the windows in my house. 3M Prestige PR-70 seems to have a good mix of clarity, light transmission, and heat rejection, but can only be bought/installed by authorized sellers.

Anybody have suggestions as the best alternative that can be purchased and installed DIY? For what it's worth, I have double-pane low-E windows so I want to make sure I get something that's not going to cause the windows or seals to break from the extra heat absorption 


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Tell us; is it lowE or hi performance lowE?


Your answer will make a world of difference in what use can install. Hi-performance lowE began to be the standard around the year 2000 and it can handle most window films. I personally wouldn't go darker than 35%, though some are known to go darker.


If you don't know, play it safe(r).


Their are a few film maker that put out a 70%. I'll let others chime in for brand names.

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