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What's a general cost for a tint job?

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I'm doing a little project (I'll explain it more at the end) so I was wondering if someone could throw out some tint numbers. I haven't had to pay for tint since maybe 2001 so I'm a little out of touch.

*How much would you charge for a basic tint job for a small hatchback (maybe a Civic)?

*How much would this cost you to do this work (supplies + hourly rate)?

*How much would you charge a dealership to do this work, assuming you're they're go to vendor?

Here's what I'm working on. Yeah, it's Friday night, whatever lol .

I was looking at new cars and they have a LOT of add ons. I get it, they're trying to make a buck in this crazy market. But it got me thinking how can they make that same buck but give a better deal to the customer? The one I'm looking at does a few add ons (cheap ones) and tint. I can figure out the add ons costs but I'm left with about $2,500 for the tint. I know the vendor isn't getting that, maybe 5% at most.

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A friend of mine that has done tint for 25+ years used to do a good amount of vehicles for dealers.  They kept trying to get him to lower his prices lower and lower.  He went and looked at some of their window stickers while waiting once and saw how much they were charging and immediately stopped doing work for them.  IIRC they were charging 4x what they paid him or a little more.  I am sure this varies for many reasons and that was about 10 years ago.  

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