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double layer + absorption ?

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First of all, DON'T USE XPEL. Second, don't layer film, any brand. The adhesive is designed to adhere to glass not other surfaces and the scratch resistant coating on the bottom film won't let the film adhere properly. 



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On 5/8/2023 at 1:15 AM, jnfs1121 said:

 give me a brief lesson on doubling window tint and absorption in the car? 

Thank you! 



Double layering is not advised, however, it has been done extensively over the last 40 some years. The only issue I've ever experienced with double layers is when it comes time to replace it, the first layer will remove the scratch coat from the base layer. If you deal with a scratch coat that is known to easily scratch during installation, you might want to avoid double layering.


No matter what tint is on the glass; single layer, double or triple, the car's interior is going to heat up. Slower depending on the film's performance, but the interior will still achieve the 'hot box take your breath' away temps over sun exposed time.


Absorption level of film is a non-issue with tempered glass found in cars. The idea of absorption and how the performance of film plays out in the case of a car, is the faster the car moves, the more air passes over the glass, carrying away what has been absorbed. Hence, the car is cooler while in motion, but park that puppy in the sun all day and it'll still be hot when you climb in.


Remember; heat always seeks out cooler air until a balance is struck on both sides of any barrier.

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As stated, double layering is typically not advised. However, many tinters do it, including us in select situations. Since the 2nd layer will only last as long as the 1st, we would only double-layer our own film. We've had Tesla Model 3s that wanted to go darker, so we added a layer to the rear window instead of removing the film risking damage to the defrosters. I do it on most of my vehicles since I prefer 3M Crystalline but don't like the heavy brown of the 20%. So instead, I add a double-layer 40 and 50 to get the darkness I want. We've never had an issue of peeling or otherwise. As far as absorption, I would not worry about it. FormulaOne Stratos, for example, has two layers of Ceramic in it, resulting in a higher absorption than the rest of the lineup but no complaints.

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