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Concord Window Film

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While on this forum, I noticed a link to Concord Film. I went to it and found that it is exclusively for "Do-it-yourself" and found a link for "Professional Installer". Went there and found that Concord Film is owned by FTI (SunGard). Interesting, FTI promotes and markets to Do-it-yourselfers" in direct competition to us, professional tinters. Even more interesting is that they purchase a link on this forum. Or that this forum allows them to purchase a link....

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Guest areyouthetintguy?

I happen to know for a fact..was told at the fti factory by their own rep ...that the concord line of films is the" factory seconds",,the film that doesnt quite make the passing test to be professional film,,so they package it up for the do it yourselfer

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Guest TintPoser

Gila is CPFilms -

I don't know why they have a Diy market when they make a fortune off their dealers. I cary a sample of all the diy films in my demo kit - JUNK. Dyey thick almost vinyl stuff.

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Guest sgne

The Facts About Concord Window Films:

In the course of our normal professional distribution operations, we have occasion to be in posession of anywhere from 50-200 opened rolls of window film at any given time. This is to be expected for a variety of reasons.

We publish a list of open roll and partial inventory on our professional web site and sell many of the rolls to our professional customers with a comprehensive factory warranty.

Still, we are generally unable to liquidate all of the materials in this fashion. This is perfectly good inventory, but there are not always compatible or sufficient orders in the system to clear all of the stock from our warehouses.

A large percentage of the professional installer base is unwilling (understandably) to take on jobs from 5-40 sq/ft. In those cases where they do, they often have minumum charges which are more than some homeowners can afford.

In order to prevent a conflict, we sell the films with no warranty. There is also no guarantee that you will find the exact roll of film you are looking for.

The overwhelming majority affluent homeowners with large houses and disposable incomes rely on professional installation crews. For the smaller jobs, or cases where money is an issue, they can log on to Concord, buy a small amount of quality film and take on the project themselves.

These films are not FTI "seconds". Concord is not owned by FTI. It is owned by Sun-Gard Northeast/West, an independant distribution partner incorporated in 1984.

Many of our professional accounts sell their remnants to local retail customers as well. It makes good sense for them (and for us) to liquidate excess inventory in this manner. If you are not already doing so, you may want to consider this option the next time you get a call for a quote on a job that is below your personal minimums.

If you are a professional installer and you operate your business within our area, you are welcome to browse our partial inventory list and purchase these films with a comprehensive warranty.

We did not purchase any links on Tintdude. While most of content on this web site is targeted to professional installers, there is some do-it-yourself traffic as well. We believe that Tintdude is an excellent resource in terms of technical knowledge and purchasing guidance, for the professional as well as the do-it-yourselfer. Keep up the good work, Tintdude.

Concord is neither the first, nor the only source of do-it-yourself film. Concord is a safe, secure, smart and reliable place to buy a small amount of good quality film. It ideal for small projects done on a budget.


H Paritsky, CEO

Sun-Gard Northeast/West


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maybe the best criterium for picking a brand of film is to go with one that doesn't market to DIY'ers.

However you say it, suppliers pumping film into the DIY market is bad for professional dealers and ultimately does harm to the entire spectrum of our industry. Other potential customers see DIY :thumb work and see this as a rolling billboard why not to tint.

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