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"Flow-on" window tint Removal

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Hey Guys... first time on the site !  Right up front I'll be honest ...I have no experience with Tint of any kind !  I'm a 3rd Generation Plumber and have over 45 yrs experience in construction / building maintenance.   About 30 Years ago I asked the owner of a Glass shop " how to remove window tint film from my work truck ? ... He said " Throw a rock through the window and call your insurance company"      So now... I'm much older and hopefully a little wiser and I'm asking the Pros.... Straight up....  How the heck do you remove Flow-on tint ???

I had it applied to some of my windows and a sliding glass door back in the early 90s.      

You probably have horror stories to tell.... and if you tell me to go find a big rock.... I'll understand !    But ... I'm patient and not afraid of a challenge.    Any help or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.   



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It's not too tough especially if there are no defogger lines. Get some garbage bag plastic and cut it to the shape of the window, spray the window down with some soapy water and then cover the wet window with the plastic to keep the water from drying. Let this soak for a while and test removing some using a new single edge razor blade. If it has soaked long enough it should come off pretty easy, if not you make have to scrape a bit. Just keep it wet while you scrape. Use new blades to keep from scratching the glass and be careful.

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Thanks TintDude !

I see you've been in the business for quite some time!   I really appreciate you sharing the knowledge that only experience can give . I asked a couple  of local tint shops and they told me its not worth the trouble.

I'll give it a shot and see what happens  ... whats the worst that could happen... I have to replace a widow ?    Been there done that !


Thanks Again !

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