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Guest cool

funny you should mention the Max Power Vauxhall Astra I was first called to Ashton College in Manchester to tint this vehicle. I went down to meet the guys who sprayed this car and fitted the bodykit. when I saw it it wasnt driveable and had no wheels and wasnt even fully painted. there I met a guy called Dick from Mcguires in US who was called in specially for this project. the problem I had was the glass was out of the car so I had to pick up the glass to begin with but could not shrink the film on the back glass as it ws out of the car!! it just kept on melting over the glass so in the end as I was only given 1 days notice to tint it I could not meet their deadline. but Max Power did give me another call when I tinted the Max Power Midnight Racing Club II car. I dont know how to post pics but if anyone wants to see it they can click on this link......this is my claim to fame.lol Beakart 35% charcoal all round. :shock


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