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Paint Protection Film (PPF) is it needed or worth it?

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I've never had PPF done before and never had issues with the paint on the car looking bad. 


I usually park in the garage and have had Kia Casa White - Solid on my Sportage since 2015 and no noticeable issues with the paintwork.


The new car is Glacier White - Solid


I've been told that PPF is beneficial, but very few people I know have actually opted to get it for their cars.


I've been told there are many benefits such as:


  • No need to ever wax or use sealant after the coat is applied
  • Stops the paint fading
  • Makes cars super easy to wash
  • Prevents Acid Etching from animal contaminants, hard water spots, tree sap
  • UV Rays
  • Acid Rain (although I don't think I've ever seen acid rain)
  • Repels Water & Grime
  • Saves Water
  • Will not wash off, crack or peel
  • Non-abrasive 
  • Self-Healing Properties: repair minor surface scratches and swirl marks on their own when exposed to heat. 



So is this all simply marketing spin to provide another product to the market without any noticeable benefits? 


Does the average family car really need PPF or is this more the reserve of the show car, tuner set, car aficionado niche? 





SystemX Australia

Johnson Paint Protection

3M Cleargard Paint Protection Pro Series Film

OMNI Nano-Ceramic Surface Coating

3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Pro Series 

Ceramic Coating Package
Graphene Coating Package
SunTek PPF

OZ Paint Protection Film
OZ Paint Protection Films

GTechniq Ceramic Coatings

Tint Haus 10H Ceramic Coating

XPEL Ultimate Fusion

Swissvax handmade wax range.

Opticoat Pro

Ceramic Pro 9H

CQuartz Finest


Gtechniq Crystal Serum





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