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Heavy Ghosting - Geoshield "Geo" Line

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Hey all,


I am not a pro tinter but more or less just someone who likes to experiment / DIY.


Wanted to ask if there was anyone here who has used the Geoshield "Geo" line for automotive purposes?


I really like the color, but I get really bad ghosting for anything that requires decent shrinking.  The film is specced as architectural, but has a PS adhesive so some use it in auto applications.  I sent an email to see if that is the reason why it's for flat glass .. lol


This is a sputtered TiN film and has a beautiful color imho.  This reminds me of Huper Optik, and not quite sure but I think Johnson had a line called "InsulatIR" that I could never get my hands on to try.  The film has a slightly purplish reflection (TiN I guess), when put on green auto glass, filters out and looks super neutral. ❤️


I've had it on my auto for a while but my rear window is a mess when the sun hits it (ghosting) and was curious if this is just not suitable for auto  :D


Any info would be appreciated. Skill issue, ie: shrink with lower heat?  lol



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Appreciate the tip, Thank You.


Tinting was never easy, for sure.


Not to go off on a tangent, but I can't imagine how much of a b*~ it would be to shrink Crystalline or Huper Optik, not to mention how expensive the film is.  You'd need specialized factory training to learn em' I suppose.  >:)


Question if I may, is an H-Pattern absolutely necessary? Does it depend on your style of shrinking?


I've noticed some folks play with the placement of the "H" , higher or lower, some don't tack the sides and leave just a central line to divide the top/bottom, and also some even somehow let the film float entirely with a tack. (dry shrinking btw)


I've had a hell of a time previously on an early model Forester rear glass, and those apparently aren't even hard to shrink.




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