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Marks appearing on the window after tint removal

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Hey guys, 


Hope all is well by your side!

Quick question: I went on site to remove a tint that were installed approx 2 years ago.

External window film, don't know the brand of that film. 

Once I came on site and tried to remove the film with pure alcohol and cleaning blades, I struggled a LOT. It took hours for me to remove the adhesive.

After the film has been removed, I spotted on the window some kind of weird marks that appeared as you can see on the attached pictures (only a few marks here and there on the glazing). 


I tried to remove those marks from the glazing without any success... Did someone experienced the same issue and has potential solution to remove those marks?

Would it be the film responsible for such issue or, did I miss something during the removal process of the film ?

Any piece of advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your support!

image2 (1) (1).jpeg

image0 (6) (1).jpeg

image1 (1) (1).jpeg

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Sounds like you just experienced dry adhesive, which chemically forms a bond between glass and adhesive. It is the most successful adhesive for long term visual quality and bond strength (longevity). It IS a real bear to remove at any point after it chemically cures to the glass (usually within 30 days). Lots of blades and elbow grease for sure.


My method was to scrape a strip and yank, scrape a strip and yank ... again and again until time to remove the residual adhesive. There are not many 'safe' chemicals that can be used to 'easily' remove it. I do know that a dry adhesive will come away from the surface of glass a little easier when the surface temp is below 40 F. Who has that kind of opportunity other than those in Canada/Alaska type environments. Sad.

You can try using 000 or 0000 steel wool in an attempt to remove those marks. Outside of this I cannot remember any others ideas for tackling that.

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I would go at it with a few chemicals to see what might work and definitely have some steel wool like @Tintguy1980 mentioned. Wouldn't hurt to tape off the edge of the frame and use some plastic sheeting to keep the chems off the paint and rince everything after.


Chems I might try:

1. 3m adhesive remover in the red can (not aerosol)

2. Spot Shot

3. Rapid Remover

Or maybe just a tablespoon of soap in a bottle of water and a scraper blade.


Alcohol won't always do it depending on what the adhesive is polar towards, and can sometimes seem to harden it.


If you are BLADING THE GLASS, make a conscious effort to ALWAYS HAVE ONE ARM BEHIND YOUR BACK.


Failure to do so can send you to the hospital quickly...this was a tough lesson that I and many others learned the hard way!!!


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