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Hi all, I'm relatively new here. I don't have a huge amount of experience with ppf and tinting. I have wrapped a car in 3M vinyl before, and am now wrapping my car with Suntek Matte Ultra PPF on my matte finish car.


I feel like I've watched countless installation videos of DIY and ppf installation. Everything has been going really well so far, admittedly I had a bit of trouble getting the edges to stick wrapping around, but otherwise has been good. 


However, the issue I am having is I can't figure out what these marks are underneath the ppf. They look like some sort of moisture marks, or air bubbles, I'm not too sure what they are or what's causing them. Any help would be very much appreciated before I do any more! Thank you so much! 


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I can't see much in that pic but I would recommend using warm to hot-ish water to flush your edges when laying the film and using one of these lidco cards to finish your edgework before and after cutting. Since you're using a matte film you can probably get away with using a pen/poker to relieve the air. You can find both on amazon. Good luck.20240708_150121.jpg.d3bf47837bbe67b2760a293164f57b80.jpg 

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Hi Dano, Thank you so much for the reply, I'll check out those applicator cards on Amazon as suggested.

I have posted another photo that might show the marks I was talking about a bit more clearly. 

Admittedly I haven't tried warm to hot water, so I'll give that a go!


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The top mark looks like a piece of dirt or a paint nib. The other marks closer to the edges look like "champaign".


I would add more soap in your bottle and use an ounce of 70% alcohol, or less, in your mix to heat up the glue. 


Use a second bottle with warm water to flush 80% of the soap from the last inch or so away from the edge and squeegee. and rince the edge completely. Then paddle out the edges with the hard card.


Dry it with a towel and paddle it again AFTER you look at it for excess water. Spray it with more warm water before you paddle a second time to lube the surface and not introduce more soap that might get under the edge.


Dry it when finished to keep an eye on the glue while you work on the next panel.


With the matte films you may need a little more arm pressure on your squeegee. I usually use the "dark yellow" from Interwest for most PPF with plenty of soapy water on the surface to lube the squeegee and not scratch the material.


Now, if you don't want to do all that.... you can use the corner of a clear-max squeegee to massage most of that down over the next few days and make it 80% better where only you would know it's there.

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