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rear window tips

Guest jechilt

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Guest jechilt


I have read through a large portion of the forum and read the excellent info posted on the tintdude site. I still have some questions about rear window installation.

Because this is a hobby, I am not too worried about the issues of one piece or multipiece. For now, I only have film that is 20inches wide so it is impossible to do a rear window in one piece.

I have some problems with the film wanting to wrinkle or continue to finger along the edges. I got a heat gun and that has made a huge difference. I am about to do my Saab 9000 rear window and wonder if I should try to put up more than two strips....it seems the more narrow the piece is the eaiser it is for me to get it in position cleanly..... remember, I am not a pro...just a beginner that is trying to do a good job and learn in the process.

I did my wifes car (Lancia Delta) and a ford Taurus. I have a problem with the seam along the defroster. Should the seam overlap or both pieces butt up against each other. Because of the defroster, it was super hard to get the seam to butt-up. I did not overlap. needless to say there are a couple spots that don't look to great. Nobody seems to notice but I do and it bothers me. I always look at cars I see with tint to see what kind of work is being done.

There is a local tinter in the area that charges 350Euro to tint the rear window and side windows on a small car. I just saw one of his cars and noticed bubbles in the tint (small but they are still there) and the seam on the back window is butted with gaps across the window. Cheesy if you ask me...and for 350.....terrible.

I also saw another job that looked a lot better but the seam had an overlap of about 1/4 inch. Straight, smooth and hardly noticeable as it was along the defroster.

Any suggestions would be great. I don't want to have to do this saab back window too many times.


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Guest Sprinter

the 1/4 inch over lap used to be the norm around here before seeming came along but you can move the film and get it down to 1/8 or 1/16 and it will look good enough with out having to cut it once installed. if your cutting the film over the defrosts on the outside then over lap it on the install and cut on the bottom edge of the defrost line the outer tint will peel or fall off and then get ahold of the other piece and as you pull it spray your solution on it as you pull so it does'nt get air bubbles in there, squegee out and your done.

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