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tint rookie question

Guest RB

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Ok, a rookie question. Over the past year I've only hung flat glass and now I have a neighbor who wants me to tint his motorhome. You can be sure this is a test , only a test. Now since it's a motor home and most of the windows are flat I should/'t have many problems right? I realize that I will strip the liner on a piece of plexiglass and then mount to the window. But in your humble options, will I need to be woried about shrinkage? Do I need a heat gun? Thanks for the feedback.

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Guest Sprinter

it's not the shrinking on motor homes it's the black snot or silicon all aroung the edges that suck, you'll know what I'm talking about when you do yours.

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Guest tintsem

Zackly. Just did two last week, the new ones have a clear silicone like sealant around one side and the other sliding side of the window has a black rubber. What I did that worked great for me is clean them very well first then I hung the film with a straight edge topl, setting the top then trimming the rest after I squeegeed the film. Worked great did the whole thing in about 1.5 hrs. The only thing I had to shrink was the windshield strips.

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worst think on motorhomes for me is trimming the black or clear silicone gunk from the glass that splooges out, not all motorhomes have this but some do and its a pain and time conduming to cut/clean this crap off.

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Guest smokymtntint

Just did a motor home Silicon around every window, thick and gooey. They bare very frustrating to do. Had to cut away all silicone to tint. Hate em!


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