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Illegal Tint & Threats from customers!!

Guest FloridaTintChic

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Guest FloridaTintChic

:nope Hi

any help I can get from you will be a great help. In Florida ,the part im in,everyone wants 20% or 5% all the way.The shops here give no ticket or warranty to the customer (except my dumb ass) I dont write what shade they get but I do give them a ticket.Well to get to the point ,yesterday a guy calls me says he got his tint 1 yr ago asked for legal and didnt and didnt get it,that today he got a ticket and it was 2% on the window.He said "he brought 2 cars and that 1 was done legal and the other wasnt and that he didnt ask for the darker.I said "why are you calling me a yr later ,if this is true? becuase you got a ticket"? I also told him"noone leaves my shop with tint they didnt ask for and if you get something thats not legal,I assure you, we gave you the whole speech on it" You know what that mf told me?" do you know it's a againt the law,a mistameanor) ( spelt wrong)

to tint cars dark ? Normally I'm very nice and they are always right and I smooth it over anD no probl,if he had really wanted the dark tint and got a ticket and called me later,I WOULD STRIP THE 2 FRONT WINDOWS AND REDO IT FOR 40$ that way I have no problems and they always come back to me.

I was so pissed I told him,I know your not telling me the truth ,cause I'm the owner of this shop for 13 years and we run it the same. He said you r a woman?I siad"and your a man ,what?How can you won a shop for 13 yrs? I know your about 25? OMG I was about to @#$% slap him. I siad sir im 33 and I started with my ex at 17,whats the problem here? Ive been arounf tint all my life.Sir are you writng a book? Please keep me out of you of that chapter AND GET TO THE POINT!!!I will redo it for 20$ he started to threaten me again.H ewanted it for me(remember he has a ticket I have himmhas ltw but no the shade on the ticket) I finnely siad "you know what sir,things happen for a reason and im the only fool who gives a ticket and Ltw on not llegal tint and so many people dont me it would bite me in the ass.I also said "your not going to do nada it would cost you more than the $40 but I cant stand people like you,:nope bring me the car and drop it off for 4 hrs,and them dont ever call me again or bring me another car" H siad but you were the best price and I'm getting a new car? :nope I siad :ahole well my prices ahve gone up since last year,I charge 15 now instaed of that still doesnt cover your ass and he said "yes it does if the cust comes back he shows them the work order and says this is the tint you picked sorry..W HAT WOULD YOU GUYS DO???? If I was to only install legal film I would be on the street corner sititng down holding a sign that said"I WILL WORK FOR FOOD" :nope I tried doing that one time.(not holdiong the sign,doing legal film) I'm worried if I dont give tickets the person will feel like they cant trust me and then wont want it.I got some advice from someone they said since my buss card says estimate and vehicle on the back to write the car and the estimate and next to it Ltw and tell the cust thats there ticket that they paid and if anything ever happens to say I didnt tint there car thats ESTIMATE.Im not used to doing steaky @#$% like this,but I cant afford to lose customers.I charge more for the not legal film and in florida you cant tint cars for $150 or you would be doing 2 a day !,I do 3 to 8 cars sometimes 10 on saturdays and it adds up to be more money to charge what I charge and compete with the other shops. On Mondays and tuesdays I may only do 2 cras but that person will send me there familys cars and theere houses too!and I get alot of repeat customers.I would love to do cars for 150 man Id me IVANA TRUMP JR!! iM SORRY IF THIS IS A POST that you have had already but I looked through some of the post and cant find my answer.!!!! Thanks any feed back will help!!! :lol

Please remeber, I dont live where you live,I dont charge what you charge I have to tint to feed my kids,so put your self in my feet.I understand you get what you pay for but I cant let the customers go out my front door to go down the street and get it for $20 less.I rather tint it and then get a repeat cust for it.... :lol :ahole :ahole :ahole :lol

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Guest Blade

This is one of the best reasons why I don't do illegal tinting. And here it is a misdemeanor for the installer. $1500 fine and poss. jail time for the installer, $10,000 fine for the business and possible loss of business license. My customers can go legal or go home. It's not worth it to me to tint a car for $180 and risk fines like that.

I don't understand why you can't keep it legal and stay busy. It works for me and we don't have anything close to Florida weather here. And ontop of that Florida laws and much more lenient than Washington laws.

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Guest metint

Orlando is one big area...

I tinted in Naples down the coast for 7 of the 16 years I was in retail... there I was the only one tinting legal... always gave those seeking illegal tint the phone boook and the use of my phone and told them there are plenty others... call one. :hmmm

I made a living... just fine and usually got many of those wanting it illegal to change their minds... especially when I would tell them that if they were to have an accident and their insurance investigated and found their car did not meet the motor vehicle laws of the state, they would not pay a cent to any claim submitted. :lol

Talk to Tom T and have him tell you his story...

Is this Christy or Dawn?

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Guest fimmo

arent you allowed to put 35% on the fronts in florida?? also,I know you guys/gals have some sort of car inspections once a year and it's there where most illegal tint get noticed and the car fails but when I was in florida visiting my mom a couple of weeks back I was told that they dont do that test on your vehicle anymore?? is this true??

I think 35% is perfect for front windows any darker (even in the sunshine state) is just silly/stupid/fuct up.

I'm in the same boat over here in scotland,business goes from busy one week to dead the next,people now think tinting is totally illegal and most people that thought about getting it done are changing there minds! it's making my future look a bit bad! :thumb

and before devil starts going on about residential tinting again,remember cars are one thing but over here in scotland we dont get the sun like you's do in the usa or aussie so tinting flatglass is pretty non existent here!

I ALWAYS offer 50% tint for the fronts as the police say it's over the limit and they recommend you remove it but you dont have to! but still people want 35% or nothing at all! if I never fitted 35% I would have lost 100% of all tint jobs. simple as that!

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I would give this customer over to my hubby. I consider myself poor with customer negotiations, and my hubby has a few more years of experience when dealing with irate/irrational customers.

I don't have too many problems with my customers, 'cause tinting is a luxury and they know the price before I start. He fixes vehicles, and his business is one people don't want to deal with, so he gets a lot more unhappy people. They don't like to hear that it will cost $500 to fix there POS.

Get some knowledge with negotiating, and tackle this guy with confidence. Men customers are tough for us women to negotiate with, but the better negotiator still wins. Educate yourself.

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Guest thetintshop

ok FTC, first things first . C-A-L-M D-O-W-N.

slow down when you're typing. it's hard to keep up. you know where you're heading, but the rest of don't.

take a break, take a smoke, take a drink, whatever it takes to relax. we aren't going anywhere. :thumb:thumb

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Guest nautiboi73

I have had a few irate sutsomers but for the most part I dont have any because I always stand my ground and remain calm. Unless a customer tries to physical harm me( not likely) I jsut talk in a regular voice and explain my policies and tell them their options. If what they want is not one of my options then they will either have to pay for exactly what they want, or go else where.

Be calm

Stand your ground

and remeber you don't want all customer because some will be bad and more of a headache than their money is worth.


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