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Honda Jazz

Devil with bad attitude

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Just done one in a 5 door model. Do you have them over there in the USA?

About the car.....very, very awkward tiny front fixed 1/4 vets to get water squeegeed out.

Power window glass cannot be easily blocked out to make for a space to get the film down and in behind the gasket. Trim removal should be done but the trick is how to get it to come off. The secret lies in the entire surround cover that houses the electric window switch.

It must be unclipped and pulled up from underneath.

You will see 3 or 4 little holes with lugs...that is where you need to get something in behind it to lever it out. Once done it comes off easily exposing 2 or 3 screws to take the trim off. Easy from there.

Fixed aft side glass has horrible seatbelt in the way. Got to get in behind it and there is not much space. Film must be heat shrunk towards front and back.

Rear screen is a very easy one piecer.

Time consuming piece of nothing.


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