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OK. You have your baseball, basketball but ....

Guest TheTintProfessor

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Guest TheTintProfessor

OK. You have your baseball, basketball and gridiron but ....

Yeah they are all good (talking to a sports nut here) I like them all dont get that much coverage unfortunately down here in Melbourne Australia.

Love Ice hockey to.

But has anyone ever seen Aussie Rules football. Basically gridiron without padding and quick and high scoring as basketball.

Anyone had the privledge???

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Guest TheTintProfessor

Rugby is OK but...it is certainly not number one in Australia. I'll put it that way so not to offend any rugby/rugby league people out there.

Rugby is popular in 2 states of Australia only. New South Wales and Queensland. Aussie rules is the most popular sport in all other states and territories plus gaining huge market share in the above 2 rugby states as well.

Aussie rules is by far the number one supported Australian sport in winter and cricket is number one in summer.

Aussie Rules would average approx. 45-50000 attendance per game and Rugby league probably most supported of the rugby codes 10-15000 maybe. Rugby Union no idea. Dont ask me what the difference in the two codes is though.

In a nut shell I would probably say Rugby is a tougher game but as a spectacle and for sheer crowd entertainment and skill level Aussie Rules would win hands down.

Check out some of the video links here for a demo.


Have fun.

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