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1912 editor of russian magazin AUTOMOBILE- Andrew Nagel started at rally Monte-Carlo (3257 km - appr. 2000 miles) at RUSSO-BALT (RUSSIAN-BALTIC) car. This year we decide to make this road again. Rally was started in Moscow - Petersburg - Riga - Vilnius - Warsaw - Berlin - Paris - Monaco. Sunday, 14.00 we starting from Riga MotorMuseum and going to Lithuania. Promise You photoreport from this part of road + party in windmill (XV!! century)....Organizers: CANON BALL RALLY team (Moscow), Riga Motor Museum, DARTZ.TEAM, AutoExotica Show, FEEL THE SPIRIT OF FLIGHT (LIthuania), Foreign Wars Veterans Association (ex-CCCP), Russian Club (Germany) etc...

Anderw did this road on this car (see picture)

P.S. :lol:lol:spit I have to go back home after Lithuanian part

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