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an old trick for you young dogs


I new alot of you younger guys like the tint cutting software. however i worked at a shop using tint software and i could always beat whoever was using that thing. The trick is to cut on the glass and cut your time in half. All you have to do is lay down your first piece of film normal then set it in place. Now put another piece on top of the first piece but backwards from the first this way you are cutting both side windows at the same time. I can skillfully cut all the side windows for a 4 door car using this method in about 15 mins. try that on a plotter!

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Love it. I was mentored by someone who's been tinting for 27 years and he taught me to hand cut. I just started at a new shop and the owners excited That I pretty much refuse to use a plotter. Now he saves damn near $200 a month for the updates on it. I'm old school in my ways in many different aspects in my life and apparently tinting is one of them. I guess I just prefer the custom cut. At least then I know for a fact it's getting done right....

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I put the first piece on the window backwards. Liner against the glass then the next piece liner out. That way nothing that matters get scratched or scuffed like from a hard card. Also if I mark the film for a cut, the mark peels away with the liner. Give it a try...

thats brilliant , im new to to this but that is ace :lol

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Guest DarksideAutoSolutions


Maybe I missed it but did the video ever get made. I'd definitely be interested in seeing it.

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