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Being on the other End...


I recently had the opportunity to be on the other end of the estimate process this week when I decided to have a new deck built on the back of the house. I almost forgot how important it was to show confidence when bidding on a job. I am a confident person by nature and sometimes forget it doesnt come natural to everyone. The first guy I had come out was a 40s something guy who showed up in a pick-up truck with his company name on it and was very confident when speaking, had some great ideas, and even came out and said his prices are usually higher than most because he believes in quality work and not cutting corners. The next guy I had come out called me 3 times on the way because he got lost (not hard to find our house). And when he got here he showed up in a tiny newer car and had his girlfriend along for the ride and both reeked of cigarettes. When we got around back of the house to show him where we wanted the second story deck, he just walks around nervously, and asked me some questions about what wanted in a very nervous/shaky voice. I asked him if he wanted to take measurements, he said he had to go back in the car to get his tape measure. I told him I would like screws used and not nails and he said "Even on the deck boards?" Um like thats the most important place to put them so you dont get nail pops. Getting one more estimate tomorrow and I cant I hope everyone on here goes on an estimate knowledgeable, confident, and professional. The first guy has basically sold me, even though he has the highest price so far. We are selling ourselves people not just the product we are slinging. I have approx an 85% successful sales rate over the past three years(Yes I keep track). Last year I closed 81 out of

104 sales calls. Not bragging, because I am sure that is small potatoes to a lot of people on here but my point is confidence and basically selling yourself to the customer is how it is done.

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Selling yourself.. It is a learning experience.. I am not a very good talker so I struggle sometimes.. but I try to sell myself.. but you have some very good points.. I will keep these in mind.. :dunno

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Good comparison between the 2, though the one that says they have higher prices due to better quality ?

I was burned by a guy just like the first one you described.

You are checking references, asking if the pull permits, have insurance, etc etc etc ??

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Thats why they call them DECK Get the brass ones.

I'v done 2 decks myself and helped with 4 or 5 and the word "nails" never came up.

Good luck.


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I recalled and found an episode of an investigative program that did a show on remodeling, quite an eye opener !

Anyone who wants to watch it, PM me and I will PM you the link back, though it will be later this evening.

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Sure TD it's cool. I was expecting to get blasted for being over I think this is why a number of people that own their own tinting business struggle to make it. Customers want you to be real. Don't make the experience like buying a new car...we all know how that feels.

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