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Detailing basics - Buffing


For those who want to learn to buff, polish, compound or are determined to buff there own vehicle this will be what you need if you already have a rotory buffer!3M is the products that can be found virtually in ever state and area so we will use this.Micro compound {1} pint... Foam polishing glaze perfect -it {1} pint.. these are your compound and polish.Next you need your 3m white waffle foam compounding pad,and a 3m black waffle polishing pad.


Make sure surface is clean and no dust,tape all edges with blue non stick 3m tape,apply the micro compound with a foam applicater and a quarter size drop of compound on trunk to get a feel of process! work a 2ft by 2 ft area starting out slow then procede to 1600 rpms and move in a back and forth motion slowly until no more compound is visible.Do this a couple of times and go to the next 2ft area,always 2ft by 2 ft on large areas .Do top in same manner ,hood make sure you take off antenna and tape off wiper washer sprayers if needed,also wipers if possible!

if you have moldings on the car its best to tape off until your happy with control of buffer.Warning these rotory buffers turn speeds up to 3000 rpm's and even at 1000 rpms if you hit a mirror or any edge or corner that buffer can bounce back and cause injury or death,and never turn upside down or side ways when buffing as the cord can catch the head and snag the cord and cause injury!

Next we want to polish to remove swirl marks from compounding.Black waffle pad and a quarter size drop of glaze/polish and at 1700 rpms proceed in same manner as compounding,if you buffed that spot 3 times you will want to glaze/polish 3 times the same area!keep a small bottle of distilled water in a spray bottle and if the glaze/polish starts to stick to car spray a little water and buff off

TIPS- : clean pads with a tooth brush by holding buffer with trigger pulled at slow rpm to clean off build up .Do this every 2nd time your pad hits the car.keep car wiped down after each panel is done and wipe next panel down before proceeding!Make sure car is cool to the touch and never buff in the sun.Always wax or seal after buffing 3m products can be found at most auto parts outlets that carry auto painting products!Micro towel and a quick spray detailer instead of water and terrycloth will give better results.Never use any compounding rags or ect to put on glaze do not mix in any way as it can cause swirls when Glazing /polishing!

Remember the car care market is a 2 billion dollar a year business and there are tons of product to choose from but as a beginner this is a great proven way to get started.If your paint is oxidized just use a cleaner or cleaner wax and this will be another post


Thanks for the advice. I am just getting back in to detailing after about eight years away from it. I cannot believe all of the new products out there. The help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you goldentint,if you need some info on anything Im familiar with just email me 8 years WOW there's a lot of new tech to read and try, have fun.

Here is 96 explorer that is a little faded ,after the above steps here is the end result.Nothing as to win a car show ,but a whooping differance from what we started with

Good clean reflective surface

Poor fellow got this baby back from paint shop hoping to take it to a car show and win first place No reflection at all

After half a day of buffing finesseing and polishing the bed is starting to twinkle,damm bed is as deep and wide as 2 trucks

Sorry it took so long to finish the guy picked up at dark so no sunny pics,but Im sure he will win Best of Show Believe it or not it was a corvair truck


Damn Bandit. You do some knockout sh!t with polishing and layering wax. I'm very impressed with your work.


Thanks squeegee ,I 'm as|\|4L on my detailing as you are with tinting





Thanks for schooling me.

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