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Golf mkVI - bad tint job and broken defrost trace >:o


My car 2011 VW golf 4dr.

Tintz 35% front door, 5% rear doors and hatch

Hey guys, I went to a local tint shop to get my golf tinted. This is the second shop I've gone to and also more expensive, about $72 more expensive.. The first shop I went to was always closed when I tried to come in for tint, so I found this second shop. You don't always get what you pay for.... Well I go get it tinted and after they are done, the tinter told me I'd have to come in, in a few days and have him touch up the job after the tint *tacks up* a bit.. Ok, I thought, I get it.. By the time they were done, it was already dark outside and my tint was 35% on the two front doors, 5% on the two back doors and hatch. So it was difficult to see any imperfections. I took her home to my very well lit garage and noticed LOTS of flaws like, bubbles, wrinkles, , crud between the glass and tint, and spots that didn't adhere on the dotted edges.. I figured they'd just fix it in a few days when I came in.. Thats until I looked at the tint from the inside, thats when I noticed that my *fresh* tint was already scratched to crap on both front windows and back hatch.. So I was fuming...

The next day I call the shop and told them all about all the flaws, and they were polite and more than glad to fix them for me.(did I mention I was the last vehicle of the day?) So I came in on my appointment day and showed them all the flaws and the tinter said he would just start over and re-tint it. yay, now I gotta wait another few hours. Waste more of my precious vacation time.. Now here is the thing, you all know how difficult the back hatch is on these golfs, so I told them to start on the rear hatch and if he couldn't get it right to just remove it and use 20% since its thinner.. I wanted DARK but, I want PERFECTION first.. Well, apparently he had trouble and instead of changing it, they had the owner of the company come in from their other shop (supposed 21year tint MASTER, who also teaches tint classes). So, they finish up and bring the car out finally and I still start to notice a couple imperfections. And turns out they didn't even fix the scratched up tint on the pass front window....ggrrrr... I had asked earler about how much for a winshield sunstrip, and they said they would put one on for me for free since I had to come in again but, that they could not do it at that time because they had do to other tints they already had scheduled.. So now I gotta come in Tuesday and have them do the strip (which I'm not even sure I want them to do at this point.), and touch up the remaining imperfections (bubbles, 2 wrinkles, spots that didn't adhere and redo front pass window).

At this point I am completely fed up but, thats not even the best part. When I took her home this time and looked at her under some lights, guess what the first thing I see is...... a BROKEN defrost trace . WTF?!?!?!

So, now I just don't know what to do. This car is my first new car in 10 years, it has ONLY 14K miles on it. Am I gonna have to take it someplace else to re-do it yet again and live with a spot that wont' defrost??

HELP..... need some advice on what actions I can take.

thanks for your time guys


(BTW, the spot where the broken trace is in off the the driver side of the window. About a 1" x 6" area will be affected on my NEW car)

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The guy obviously does not wish to post pics.............

Wonder why ?

Maybe the same reason you cant post a funny joke...........he either doesnt know how or cant :spit

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Guest Malcolm E Boo


The guy obviously does not wish to post pics.............

Wonder why ?

Is it because he is a guest? :dunno

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These kind of posts kind of de rail me from pursuing the additional service of window tints at my car detailing shops.

I am not a master window tinter, I did spend 1 week, 2 K, and 9-5 learning from the training courses offered.

Are these mistakes done because the tinter did not take their time ?

BTW what is the best bang for the buck in terms of tint film ? I am looking at LLumnar ATC since there is no metal for frequency interference.


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Hey Guys;

How is a broken defrost line formed ?

Would it have happened in the cleaning/ prepping phase ?

How do you go about avoiding the mistake ?


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Ussualy when one is removing tint the trace is stuck to the tint. Best way to avoid this is steam/sweat/new window/brick..

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