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Help with identifying installed Huper Optik film type.


I'm not a tinting professional - just an average joe consumer, but I hope to get some insight from some professionals that frequently work with Huper Optik films;

I was just very curious to see I was possibly deceived in what type of film was installed in my vehicle.

Well here's my story; A few years ago, I opted for some Huper Optik "Ceramic" 35 on my vehicle with a tan-colored interior. The heat reduction was truly amazing.

Fast forward, I sold the vehicle and got another, exactly the same except this time with a black / grey interior. It needed to be tinted so of course, I was almost set on going with Huper Optik again. However, this time my vehicle was tinted at another vendor. I was given samples of LLumar CTX 35 and Huper Optik 35 to look over and decide. (The installer pointed out the authenticity of the Huper Optik sample by the logo on the film.) I was already leaning toward the Huper Optik but just out of curiosity wanted to see the shade of Llumar's CTX line.

So anyway, I get back to the guy and asked if HO had anything a little darker. He says HO also made a 30% shade. I told him O.K, and that was that.

Now, because of the many factors influencing a PERCEIVED opinion on a particular window film's real-world performance, (interior color, exterior color, angle of sunlight / time of day, condition of A/C system, feeling like a prick, never got laid last night, etc.) I know that I might just be going crazy and my opinion could just be skewed somehow - but, for some reason I think the HO 35 I had previously outperforms the HO 30 I have now - by a quite a bit. How can that be?

I noticed a few things between the two shades I have though. The HO 35 film itself had a distinctive off-angle purple sheen to it. "Ghosting" was visible on the rear window where there was some extra shrinking involved. (and possibly a bit if rushing by the installer). The current HO 30 I have now though, looks a bit darker of course, but no purple reflection, and IIRC there was no ghosting on the rear hatch window, or anywhere.

With some research, the only thing I can think of is that the HO 35 I had previously was the "X-treme Multilayered Ceramic" line, and the HO 30 I have now is the "X-treme Optiks" line, which actually is available in 35%VLT (32% actual).

I think i'm confused as to what type of tint was actually installed. Does the Ceramic 30 have a purple sheen to it? Also what I don't understand is how the Xtreme Ceramic 30 is specified as having 11% VLR... It seems less than that. I had Suntek InfinityOP 10 and it was pretty dang shiny.

Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated. I've just been pondering about this for a while. I keep telling myself "nahhh, it's probably just me.." but sometimes, it feels like the sun is burning my face more then it's supposed to. LOL.

Thank You.


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Your observation of me is rather perplexing. It has been my experience that you and one of your colleagues seem to be the only ones that argue with me. Everyone else on this site (including my competitors) have been really cool and enjoyable to chat with and my interest on this board has been primarily to educate and help others with informative posts. :beer

To answer your question, when I go on vacation there is usually someone that handles my calls when I am away, so yes, the phone always gets answered when I take my vacation time. Thank you for your concern.

Like I said before, yes I stopped by the Global booth and you all were busy talking to customers. I do not recall myself "glaring" at your booth (that seems a little inaccurate and strange ) but I do remember only having a very limited amount of time to spend at SEMA that day because I had to catch a flight out, so do to my circumstances I regrettably had move on. Your booth was hard for me to find, I'm not being derogatory about it I'm just describing my experience, but it was nice to see you guys were very busy. :thumb

I appreciate your concern for my reputation and I appreciate your apology. In explanation of my actions it is true just like you said, you have "never spoken to me." Therefore your "joke" here just seemed out of place and out of taste in a consumer question thread so thus my comment about professionalism in a consumer thread. I am sorry I misinterpreted your humor, I do not know you very well either it just seems to me that most your comments to me have been negative in nature. I will take your word that you have no issue, good to know. Rest assured, once you get to know me you will find that I do like to joke around and chill out.

Hope you have a good 2012. :beer

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